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The "Goggin" Surname...continued

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(Mac) COGGAN, Cogavin KEOGAN KEOHANE Milo de Cogan , the first of the Cogan families to come to Ireland :(d. c. 1183) He was Strongbow's right-hand man in the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1171. Granted a huge area in Co. Cork by Henry 11. Milo left no surviving son and the great territorial family thus founded, though reinforced by grants to Richard de Cogan in 1207 and still important enough to be listed among the chief gentry of the barony of Kinelea in 1591, was practically extinct as such by the end of the seventeenth century. Minor branches of it survive up to the present day, usually under the name of Goggin and sometimes Gogan. In the sixteenth century the name was in the transition stage: the earlier Fiants gave Cogan, Cogane and Coggain, the later ones Gogan and Goggan. Among the Co. Cork place-names we find Goganrath and Gogganshill, (also given as Knockgogan and a few years earlier as Knockcowgan). The form Cogan did not become obsolete. Philip Cogan sailed to Spain with del Aquila in 1602; two Cogans and a Coggan were officers in southern regiments of James 11's Irish army, Richard Cogan was a "doctor of physic" in Co. Cork in 1707 and in 1798 Pascho Coggin was a witness to a deed relating to Charleville, formerly known as Rathgoggan, the name of the parish embracing the town of Charleville. Another Philip Cogan (1750-1834), composer, was also a Cork man. As well as the Cogans of Norman origin there is a sept of the Ui Maine whose name is sometimes anglicized as Cogan, though Coogan is more usual and nearer the Gaelic-Irish form Ó Cuagáin. They are of the same stock as the O'Maddens. A sept of Mac Cogain were located in Glanfarne on the shore of Lough Allen in Co. Leitrim, dropped the prefix Mac in the eighteenth century and became Cogan and Coggan. Neither is at all numerous today. The variant Cogavin is also rare.

Source: www.goireland.com/Genealogy/scripts/Family.asp?FamilyID=530

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